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Blitz Home Environmental Cleaning Limited (BHECL)

has been established since 2013 as a cleaning service based in North West London.
We provide a deep cleaning services to people who have extremely neglected their homes due to lack of cleaning and basic hygiene, an episode of mental health crisis, or possibly due to incapacitation as a result of physical ill health or old age. Referrals for cleaning assignments come from mainly adult social services, children and family’s social services and community mental health teams (CMHT) on behalf of their service users.
We also accept private referrals not associated with Social Services.

Blitz Home Environmental Cleaning

Our mission is to exceed your expectations.

And our team manage that on a regular basis, transforming homes, offices, and commercial premises with their services, leaving customers delighted with the results.

Blitz started by offering a deep cleaning service to people who had struggled to maintain their home, because of mental or physical difficulties. Often getting referrals from social service or mental health teams, Blitz’s cleans could transform the lives of clients, removing years of clutter, and disposing of waste safely.

And the experience they gained from some of the most difficult cleaning assignments
imaginable can be used by anyone. Whether you need just need a regular light clean, or an
extensive deep clean, Blitz will have a service for you.

Residential and commercial cleaning

Our cleaners offer routine and one-off visits for spring-cleaning. Using only the best cleaners, we can dust and vacuum, mop, and scrub to ensure that your home or workplace is spotless.

We also only use environmentally friendly products, so you can rest assured that we aren’t using harsh chemicals that might damage your property or the planet.

Steam cleaning

While regular cleaning can keep things looking great, it only works on the surface. If dirt has been able to build up, it can get deep into surfaces, and host organisms and bacteria that can create smells and even cause ill-health.

Our steam cleaning gets right to the source of dirt, working at high temperature and pressure to kill any microorganisms and give everything a deep clean. Our cleaners can be used on
carpets, upholstered furniture, and even leather to make sure everything is thoroughly clean.
Carpet cleaning and shampooing

Blitz Home Environmental Cleaning provides a thorough carpet cleaning surface, using eco-friendly products to give your carpets a new lease of life.

By removing dirt that can get trapped in fibres, it not only makes your carpets look as good as new, it can help extend their life. Our carpet cleaning can help with a range of issues.
From providing a routine service to refresh and liven up your carpet, to specialised cleans to remove stains, we will leave you thinking you’ve had new carpets installed.

End of tenancy cleaning

If you are a tenant, the fact is that, even if you regularly clean, you cannot help dirt building
Getting an end of tenancy clean from Blitz Home Environmental Cleaning means that you
will be leaving a property as clean, and perhaps even cleaner, than when you first moved in!
Before & After: Our Cleaning Magic Revealed!
Before: The image depicts a room that looks like life has taken its toll on it. There's a layer of dust on surfaces, a few stains that catch your eye, cluttered items strewn about, and the space just feels chaotic and untidy.

After: Like a breath of fresh air, the room now gleams with pristine cleanliness. Surfaces shine, the clutter has magically vanished, the stains are nowhere in sight, and the ambiance is one of peace and order. The transformation is not just visual; you can almost feel the renewed energy of the space.

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Paul Thompson

Very good service. Deep cleaned our flat thoroughly. Also removed double bed and wardrobe for disposal. Excellent.



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